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Ft. a fine musical choice, The Barricade Death of Fauchelevent, Javert’s Very Chill Seine Adventure, and the NOPE NOPE NOPE conversation between JVJ and the most justly horrified Marius! (incest discussion warning, because it’s ThAT BAD)



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aah thank you! 😀 I love that you’ve got all these little displays, there’s  a lot in this I haven’t seen before!

Le Gastronome


Le Gastronome was an eclectic Romanticist illustrated journal published from 1830 until around 1858, focused on the “frivolous” forms of art and entertainment (according to its masthead, “The Pleasures of Taste, Relaxation, Concerts, Balls, Theatres”). It was founded by Bibliophile Jacob (Paul Lacroix), the archivist, historian, and frenetic novelist. Its writers and editors included Théophile Gautier and Gérard de Nerval of the Jeunes-France group, the historian Henri Martin, and others. By 1852, it was edited by André Borel-d’Hauterive… 

Le Gastronome


“You have demolished. It may be of use to demolish, but I distrust a demolition complicated with wrath.”

“Right has its wrath, Bishop; and the wrath of right is an element of progress. In any case, and in spite of whatever may be said, the French Revolution is the most important step of the human race since the advent of Christ. Incomplete, it may be, but sublime. It set free all the unknown social quantities; it softened spirits, it calmed, appeased, enlightened; it caused the waves of civilization to flow over the earth. It was a good thing. The French Revolution is the consecration of humanity.”

The Bishop could not refrain from murmuring:—

“Yes? ‘93!”

The member of the Convention straightened himself up in his chair with an almost lugubrious solemnity, and exclaimed, so far as a dying man is capable of exclamation:—

“Ah, there you go; ‘93! I was expecting that word. A cloud had been forming for the space of fifteen hundred years; at the end of fifteen hundred years it burst. You are putting the thunderbolt on its trial.”

The Bishop felt, without, perhaps, confessing it, that something within him had suffered extinction. Nevertheless, he put a good face on the matter. He replied:—

“The judge speaks in the name of justice; the priest speaks in the name of pity, which is nothing but a more lofty justice. A thunderbolt should commit no error.” And he added, regarding the member of the Convention steadily the while, “Louis XVII.?”

The conventionary stretched forth his hand and grasped the Bishop’s arm.

“Louis XVII.! let us see. For whom do you mourn? is it for the innocent child? very good; in that case I mourn with you. Is it for the royal child? I demand time for reflection. To me, the brother of Cartouche, an innocent child who was hung up by the armpits in the Place de Grève, until death ensued, for the sole crime of having been the brother of Cartouche, is no less painful than the grandson of Louis XV., an innocent child, martyred in the tower of the Temple, for the sole crime of having been grandson of Louis XV.”

“Monsieur,” said the Bishop, “I like not this conjunction of names.”

“Cartouche? Louis XV.? To which of the two do you object?”

A momentary silence ensued. The Bishop almost regretted having come, and yet he felt vaguely and strangely shaken.

The conventionary resumed:—

“Ah, Monsieur Priest, you love not the crudities of the true. Christ loved them. He seized a rod and cleared out the Temple. His scourge, full of lightnings, was a harsh speaker of truths. When he cried, ‘Sinite parvulos,’ he made no distinction between the little children. It would not have embarrassed him to bring together the Dauphin of Barabbas and the Dauphin of Herod. Innocence, Monsieur, is its own crown. Innocence has no need to be a highness. It is as august in rags as in fleurs de lys.”

“That is true,” said the Bishop in a low voice.

“I persist,” continued the conventionary G—— “You have mentioned Louis XVII. to me. Let us come to an understanding. Shall we weep for all the innocent, all martyrs, all children, the lowly as well as the exalted? I agree to that. But in that case, as I have told you, we must go back further than ‘93, and our tears must begin before Louis XVII. I will weep with you over the children of kings, provided that you will weep with me over the children of the people.”

“I weep for all,” said the Bishop.

“Equally!” exclaimed conventionary G——; “and if the balance must incline, let it be on the side of the people. They have been suffering longer.”

— Les Misérables 1.1.10

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#does anyone ever do this with Lafayette?#bc he did kill a bunch of unarmed nonviolent protestors…#which was more under his direct control than anyone in the convention and the csp#it’s just me being bitter again isn’t it#also: don’t feel bad if you like him.#that’s not the point of this post#the point is that if you’re going to condemn massacres from one group and justify those from other people you like (via @stalinistqueens)

Yeah, I wonder about this too, especially with Hamilton (the musical) fans who seem to be fine with Lafayette but then rail against Robespierre. Especially when they’re someone who by all logic should be aware of the Champ de Mars thing.

(No offence to Hamilton fans or even Lafayette fans in general. I’ve got problematic historical faves too and the guy was… complicated. But, you know, some consistency please.)


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Topics: m/f erotica; non-canonical character death, serious injury, or disfigurement; child abuse or sexual content featuring adolescent or child characters; incest; non-consensual sex; homophobic or gender-based violence.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason prior to invoicing payment (see below).

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