Group Watch updates!

Main group:

OKAY SO. I’m super late but… we kind of forgot to pick the next thing to watch? And uh… I really don’t know what to pick? Especially considering that Barricade Day is going to be like right after it. 

Would people like to watch something short and light? Something that’s maybe not even Les Mis? (As in something not Les Mis but with similar themes. If you’ve been following along you know what I mean.) I mean maybe you guys have stuff to finish for BD and all?

Or would you like to get hyped up for Barricade Day and watch something that’s actually Les Mis and actually has barricades? (Unfortunately the list is kind of short there… we could rewatch something I guess?)

Oorr should we skip this week? Again, considering that it’s nearly Barricade Day.

Shadow group:

We ended up deciding (with kind of a small attendance but still) that the shadow watch should maybe take a little break, especially since most of the regulars can’t make it the next few weeks. So let’s try again in two weeks!

Although I might have some other stuff to talk about re: the shadow watch in the mean time so keep an eye on the tag or whatever. I’ll try to get around to it ASAP.



modern AU lesgle, after two shots and a kegstand the night before followed with morning wine: yeah bro start the revolution here at this dive bar!

modern AU courfeyrac, after a solid seven hours of sleep and an hour of organizing large event safety and mic hand offs at a protest on the steps of the local capitol building: sure man why not!

Did the group watch (or you personally!) ever watch a German adaptation, in German but with subtitles? I’d like to find one and asking you seems like the easiest way ^^’


I’ve never seen a German adaptation! And don’t know of any to recommend–if anyone has suggestions, please let me know! 

Yeah, I haven’t heard of any German film adaptations either except the ‘58 co-production. There are German versions of the musical though and the German original musical (called Barricade or something like that?) and apparently the Gavroche play that @deafhaenschen just mentioned. I’m pretty sure boots of the first of those exist.

For the meme: Combeferre and Prouvaire?


I don’t particularly ship this, especially since I have aro default headcanons for both of them, but I’m always down for friend adventures! I assume that’s what you’d want anyway.

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Combeferre’s not so much a hunter as a wandering naturalist who sometimes goes deeper into the forest than is advisable. Probably he should be more shocked to encounter a werewolf than he is, but to be honest he’s too busy being excited that he’s met a non-human he can interview as well as observe. True, the wolf he found likes to answer his questions in the forms of riddles or short poems, but data are data so he copies it all down diligently.

Prouvaire becomes the first werewolf to have a published poetry collection in an academic journal.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Ok, listen –

Both mermen.

Both fascinated with human culture.

Both make a deal with a (non-murderous, very reasonable) sea witch and disguise themselves as human fishermen (so they can stay near the ocean).

Cue wacky comedy hijinks where they both try to pass themselves off as Totally Human Fishermen and wind up as neighbors, neither knowing that the other is actually a merman. HELLO FELLOW HUMAN, LET US DISCUSS NORMAL HUMAN THINGS. HAHA YES I TOO LOVE HUMAN ACTIVITIES, LIKE WALKING WITH FEET.

They’re neither one learning as much about human culture as they think they are, but at least they’re having a great time.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Prouvaire is a witch, Combeferre is a local forest elemental he lured in with the promise of books.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Combeferre is the barista, Prouvaire is the customer who religiously goes to this one coffee shop because he can show up with ridiculous and fanciful custom orders (“last night I had a dream about a coffee that tasted like starlight…”) and Combeferre will take it as an interesting challenge rather than an annoyance.

The two of them have assembled an entire secret menu of drinks together and there are urban legends about what’s on it. There’s at least one blog devoted to chronicling the handful of known drinks regulars have sussed out.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Combeferre teaches philosophy in a tiny university with like 5 philosophy grad students – all of whom are busy TAing required first year courses. When Combeferre realizes he needs an assistant from outside the department, the lit department sends over Prouvaire.

It certainly makes class more fun to teach, even if Combeferre makes sure Prouvaire shows him the comments he puts on papers before they go back to the students. Sometimes they need a little…clarification. (Combeferre’s made a collection of his favorites comments, and he suspects Prouvaire puts some of them in just to make Combeferre smile.)

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Prince Jehan talks Paladin Combeferre into giving him secret fighting and magic lessons.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Combeferre’s the teacher, but no one’s quite sure what Prouvaire is. Probably a parent? Why else would he be at all the PTA meetings? But no one can figure out who his kid is either.

(It’s Gavroche; he brings school fliers and waviers and everything else to Bahorel and Prouvaire, who fill in for some of the the parent stuff his own parents never do. But it’s never occurred to either of them that they should tell the school this, hence the confusion.)

who’s the writer and who’s the editor

They both write, and they both haaaaaaaaattttttttte editing their own work and thus have an exchange system worked out. The moment an article or story or poem is “done” they throw it at the other, swearing they never want to see it again. This works quite well for both of them.


I’ve figured out how BBC is going to add more sex to Les Mis: Victor Hugo Himself will be a character. Victor “I had so much sex on my wedding night that my wife got mad at me” Hugo. Victor “historians argue about how many partners I had” Hugo. Victor “when I died all the prostitutes in the city wore black over their crotches to mourn their favourite client” Hugo. Victor “random acts of nudity” Hugo. It’s not going to be any of the other characters at all, it’s just going to be … Hugo … himself …

We shall have a republic one day, and when it comes of its own free will, it will be good. But, let us not harvest in May fruit which will not be ripe until July; let us learn to wait…. We cannot suffer boors to bespatter our flag with red.

Hugo’s diary, on the June Rebellion


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