Los Miserables (2014-2015); Episode One


[video] (for English subtitles, you have to choose “Spanish-cc2″)

  • This is going to be so much fun I can feel it. Also, I’m cheating a bit here since I need to improve my Spanish, which is why I’m watching this adaptation first. 
  • I know this is a semi-adaptation and a modern!AU but still. That opening car chase is wild.
  • This feels like watching a reality TV-show
  • First of all: Is the dude driving the car supposed to be JVJ? Why does he have a to-be-born child? 
  • Secondly: I know I’m not in the right place to criticise anything these characters are doing since I don’t know anything about them, but for god’s sake, Lady, it’s maybe not the best idea to deconcentrate your husband/boyfriend/whatever while he’s driving and SAVING YOU FROM THE FUCKING COPS

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Okay but i know R is a sad duck and all, i know that sometimes he has Moods and I don’t want to erase them and all

But can we like, maybe, start representating him just a bit more GOOD-HUMOURED and laughing and stuff sometimes?? I don’t know, I need my shitty happy rambling and laughing R sometimes;

(Also i don’t know guys but he’s the best friend of the two amis who are described as very cheerful and gayest of them all so like)



So loads of people are pointing out that Rogue One is Les Mis in space, right? Well, if it is, then Jyn is Grantaire and Cassian is Enjolras.

I agree that there’s something of Enjolras in Cassian, but I think that Jyn is more of a Marius – quiet, serious, restrained, stays away from people, her agenda is more intimate than that of other members of the uprising – she does all of it so that her father’s sacrifice will not have been in vain.

I think that if anyone is a Grantaire, that’s K2 – sarcastic, gloomy, and only there for Cassian.


So I made these prints at the William Morris Gallery yesterday and I’m very pleased at how they came out.

It took a fair amount of experimenting to get the heart to be printed the way I wanted it to be, but I managed it in the end (although I’m not entirely sure if I like it better with or without).

It was really nice learning how to use a press and set type and everything though!


Canon era roller coasters

(or how I keep getting my mind blown by things that existed in canon era)

This was totally my own ignorance but I really didn’t know that in French roller coasters are called “Russian mountains”. So I never realised that the “Russian mountains” that Fantine &co. visit in 1817 were an actual canon era roller coaster called Promenades Aeriennes in Jardin Beaujon. And that there are pictures of it which I’m now going to share in case I wasn’t the only one who had no idea this was a thing:


I hope Fantine had fun riding this thing. ;;;;_____;;;;

There was also another, simpler one in Belleville that was just called “Montagnes Russes”: (under the cut)

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can we talk about the harmonies in the bargain (waltz of treachery)?

for this line:

one thing more, one small doubt, there are treacherous people about 

the thénardiers are in parallel fifths pretty much the whole time

and for this line:

no offense, please reflect, your intentions may not be correct

the thénardiers are in parallel tritones throughout

– parallel fifths in vocal harmonies already give an uneasy feeling (they were strictly forbidden in species counterpoint

tritones (augmented fourths/diminished fifths) have long been considered the devil’s interval for their dissonant quality and were also forbidden in a lot of music

we already know the thénardiers are slimy characters at this point, and yet this is still being reinforced in their vocal parts, which is pretty neat.