A collection of my best posts from 2015

I’ve actually been really productive this year! 😀 At least productive for me. So I thought I’d make a little kinda-like-a-masterpost for all the best fandom posts I’ve made this year. These aren’t really very well ordered or anything and I’ll definitely make a proper masterpost for the Saint-Merry stuff later but I wanted to do this now as a reward to myself or something.


Charles Jeanne and Saint Merry and a little bit general June 1832 too:

Charles Jeanne’s Parents

Charles Jeanne’s Appearance

The Dead of Saint-Merry

The Saint-Merry Barricade’s Headquarters

The Saint-Merry Barricade area map comparison

Charles Jeanne’s bio part 1

Jeanne’s Court Conviction Thingy Document

Charles Jeanne’s bio part 2

Saint-Merry 22: Joseph Rojon

Saint-Merry 22: Lusky-Grimbert

Jeanne’s Interrogation

Jeanne on Trial

Jeanne in Prison:

(1) Sainte-Pélagie

(2a) Mont Saint-Michel

(2b) More Mont Saint-Michel

(3) Bicêtre

(4) Clairvaux

(5) Doullens

(6) Final years and death

Jeanne’s Fellow Prisoners

Victor Prospert “Jeanne’s Rival”

Who Were the Décorés de Juillet? (reblogged with the Joly comment from @pilferingapples because I can’t leave it out)

The Blond Law Student of Saint-Merry

A Woman Joining the Fight in June 1832

More strictly Les Mis:

Corinthe and the barricade area map comparison

A kinda sorta introduction to the fandom or something idk (I hesitate to include this because IT WAS NOT MY POST and also it was just something I literally put together on the fly and there are so many typos and arrrrrgh! Like I could do this same thing way better. But on the other hand holy crap look at those notes. I mean I know not all of them are liking/reblogging the parts I added but it seems like a lot of them are? Okay I’ll include it here because this is kind of a remembering the year type of post thing.)


House numbering in Paris

Victor Hugo and Armand Barbès (reblogged with a helpful addition by @midautumnnightdream)

Claude Gueux by Victor Hugo and how it’s totally gay (… this is very informational okay)


Subtitles for Les Mis 1972:

Bahorel tearing down the poster

Gavroche and his Mômes

Éponine’s Introduction

Guide to buying Les Mis 1972 (not really subtitles but it belongs here anyway… also the post has a list of other subtitled scenes for this miniseries too (these ones in this post aren’t even all I’ve done because I made some last year.)


Les Mis Activities from a French abridged edition of the Brick (because why not xD)


World Ain’t Ready Fanworks:


Grantaire’s Room

Miscellaneous Wold Ain’t Ready fanart 1

Eagles Are Rad

Random Enjolras&Grantaire scenes

Miscellaneous World Ain’t Ready fanart 2

The ABC Justice Club

E&R first meeting

Grantaire asking Enjolras out

Miscellaneous World Ain’t Ready fanart 3

Miscellaneous World Ain’t Ready fanart 4

Shoe drawing scene

World Ain’t Ready Music Video “Shake The Sheets”


Les Mis 1972 fan music video “I Fought The Law”

The ABC Supernatural Detectives AU fanfic which I possibly shouldn’t even include here since I’m probably never gonna finish it

The Thénardiers naming their children  (this barely counts but it’s my list so whatever)

Fanart for the Lesbian Pirate AU by @somuchbetterthanthat

I think that’s all? 😀 It was a lot so it’s possible I forgot something. This took way longer than I expected and I need to run now.

Other things that happened this year relating to this blog: I got drawn into the Bouzingo fandom kinda? xD And the FRev fandom sort of. It’s been fun so far. And I’ve gotten to know lots of people in the fandom better! All in all my year fandom-wise has been wonderful.

It’s been an eventful year otherwise too but more about that in my general blog. At some point. I’m spending the evening and the night at a friend’s place so I probably won’t be online. So:


Clearly, the absence of the Haitian Revolution from our accounts of the revolutionary age has far-reaching consequences. It was in the revolutionary age that the ideological and political landscape of the West took shape. It was a time when the meaning and scope of “liberty” and “equality” were contested in parliamentary debates and the subject of endless pamphleteering. Revolutionary antislavery in the Caribbean was at least in part a struggle over what was meant by “liberty” and “equality” and how to revise a universalism that, up to that point, had always found means for allowing the continuation of racial subordination and racial slavery. Slave liberation started in the Caribbean, with the actions of slaves and their free allies – black, mulatto, and white; it did not begin in the Assembly in Paris. When Haiti is written out of the picture, we lose sight of this internal contestation within modern political discourse. Western modernity becomes a phenomenon of European, metropolitan origin. Political agency of slaves remains a non-thought and racial equality and racial liberation are removed from what are conventionally understood as “political” issues.

The Haitian Revolution” by Sibylle Fischer in A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture (edited by Sara Castro-Klaren)  
(via montagnarde1793)


in heaven one day joly bursts through the door of their new musain and trips over himself to get to courfeyrac at which point he yells “it’s a boy, it’s a boy, and they named him after you!” and courf is so overwhelmed he can’t even respond



im right now imagining, like, enjolras and grantaire are arguing and grantaire suddenly bellows “CITATIOn!” and enjolras just roars back, “COMBEFERRE!!!” and combeferre sighs long-sufferingly and starts reciting all of enjolras’s sources as he stands by triumphantly

#grantaire looks around in a panic #shouts bAHOREL??? #bahorel rapidly spouts in a profesional voice the take out menu he ordered off of last night #everyone looks at him #well i had to say something (via unhooking-the-stars)



Un peu de sang qui pleure, quelques gouttes de pluie

…she laid her head on Marius’ knees, and, without looking at him, she said: “Oh! How good this is! How comfortable this is! There; I no longer suffer.”

Reblogging my old illustration because I suddenly thought about how Ponine and Marius look alike, I mean they both have dark hair and freckles in my imagination, and it is quite a rare combination