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The politics of Combeferre’s science inspirations


For much of modern history, science has been a very politically charged discipline, and France between the Empires was no exception. Thus, when Hugo mentions historical scientists in connection with Combeferre, those names are loaded with political connotations that can only be…

The politics of Combeferre’s science inspirations

Inheritance Law


I was looking for…totally different information, actually, and found this excellent article by Mme Bahorel on inheritance law in canon era!

Especially interesting to me-the various workarounds for giving particular heirs particular inheritances, even under the Code, and the legal category of  Recognized Illegitimate children, which, if I’m reading right, *might* have covered Gavroche’s  little brothers after Gillenormand accepted Magnon’s claims?

Inheritance Law


Aamulehden Moro-liite kävi haastattelemassa Tampereen Teatterin kahta Gavrochea, Sampo Lintulaa ja Niilo Kauppista. Pojat käyvät sovittamassa rooliasujaan ja esittelevät myös laulutaitojaan.

Pojille kaivataan kaveria kolmanneksi! Viimeinen hakupäivä on 16.5. Myös pieniä Cosetteja ja Éponineja pyydetään ilmoittautumaan koe-esiintymiseen 20.5. mennessä. Lisätietoa teatterin nettisivuilta.

Just to sum up a bit in English:

Two Gavroches from the Tampere Les Mis production of 2014, Sampo Lintula and Niilo Karppinen. Sampo decided to try out for Gavroche and inspired his classmate Niilo to come with him. They were happy to find out that both of them got the part. (When this post was made they were still looking for a third Gavroche for the production.)

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