les amis playing a tabletop rp & r playing as a bard bc his whole goal for the campaign is ‘fuck around and be useless & irritating’ but then he is Important After All. kill me.



haha he puts all his skill points into oratory so he can play what’s essentially a dwarven insult comic. any time it’s his turn, he just rants at their opponents until his time runs out. weaponized irritation.

courfeyrac is definitely chaotic good. joly is definitely a wizard. bahorel uses all his extra gold to buy his character insane clothes. every new kingdom they come to, enjolras talks to all the peasants and tries to get a feel for whether or not they’d like help overthrowing their rulers.

victor hugo is the dm. he keeps spending way too long describing enjolras’s character’s appearance and it’s uncomfortable for everyone

“So, what’d I miss?” said Grantaire, plunking back into his seat.

“Everybody died,” said Jehan.

Grantaire laughed. “No, seriously.”

Bossuet only gave him a sad smile. “Seriously,” he said. “I died, Joly died, Combeferre died, Courfeyrac died, Bahorel died, Jehan died—”

“I was in the bathroom for like four minutes,” Grantaire protested.

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Oh my god this is beautiful.

“The dragon was a symptom of a larger systemic problem,” Combeferre muttered.

“Damn right,” said Courfeyrac.

Of course it was!

Lol @ Marius being Hugo’s “blatant self-insert NPC”. Poor Cosette, though, apparently the love of her life doesn’t exist in this verse. Unless the love of her life is Hugo except no. Just no. Or unless by some incredible coincidence there actually is a Marius out there.

Hah, who am I kidding, this is already Éposette for me.


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