joly: i like the way you talk monsieur
bossuet: i like the way you always sneeze


Takahiro Arai is a nerd. I mean, I think we all know that by now, but this colored page from the latest chapter of the manga with rewritten dialogue of Valjean giving Montparnasse some life advice is how he decided to make an announcement about his Les Mis manga.

Translated dialogue:

Valjean: Seems like the Les Mis manga will be released as an e-book on 6/26!
On paper is good, or digital is good…
You should think about it…

For the record,
I’m still alive. I know I haven’t posted much, I’ve been distracted with stuff? And I’ve been working on some
projects. Three of them Les Mis related! More or less!

I know I promised to talk about Charles Jeanne some more AND I’M GOING
TO. I’m just very slowly working through the trial. Very slowly. It’s
kind of tiring to read when your French isn’t all that stellar, you
know? I finally came up with something to help myself, though: I’m
ctrl+F:n the document for specific accusés so that I can go through the
stuff one person at a time. it’s not a perfect system because a lot of
the material doesn’t focus on any specific person so I’m missing those
plus the names are way too often misspelled or in some other way
corrupted so that ctrl+F doesn’t find them. But idk, I just like this
method better, it helps me keep the people straight. Otherwise I
immediately start confusing them all with each other. I mean I still
confuse them with each other but at least I confuse them as more
complete figures rather than as random bits of dialogue.

I wish I knew more about the guys who died. Thomas Bouchet refers to
a list of some of the dead revolutionaries but he doesn’t reproduce it.
I wonder if that list exists somewhere online? Or maybe even somewhere
as a physical copy but still public so if I ever visit France again
(which I plan to!) I could go and have a peek?

I did finish À cinq heures, or pretty much anyway. I actually skipped most of the Les Mis parts because… well, they seemed like old news to me? Maybe there’s something interesting there but I’ll get back to it some other day maybe. Oh and I should read Jeanne’s letter in French. (I was lazy last time and went with the translation…) I didn’t even realise he calls his sister vous? (Obviously not in the English translation because of English and its annoying lack of second person number/formality distinction) Doesn’t he? At least it seemed so from the first page. Anyway I wonder how normal that is or if that implies something…

les amis playing a tabletop rp & r playing as a bard bc his whole goal for the campaign is ‘fuck around and be useless & irritating’ but then he is Important After All. kill me.



haha he puts all his skill points into oratory so he can play what’s essentially a dwarven insult comic. any time it’s his turn, he just rants at their opponents until his time runs out. weaponized irritation.

courfeyrac is definitely chaotic good. joly is definitely a wizard. bahorel uses all his extra gold to buy his character insane clothes. every new kingdom they come to, enjolras talks to all the peasants and tries to get a feel for whether or not they’d like help overthrowing their rulers.

victor hugo is the dm. he keeps spending way too long describing enjolras’s character’s appearance and it’s uncomfortable for everyone

“So, what’d I miss?” said Grantaire, plunking back into his seat.

“Everybody died,” said Jehan.

Grantaire laughed. “No, seriously.”

Bossuet only gave him a sad smile. “Seriously,” he said. “I died, Joly died, Combeferre died, Courfeyrac died, Bahorel died, Jehan died—”

“I was in the bathroom for like four minutes,” Grantaire protested.

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Oh my god this is beautiful.

“The dragon was a symptom of a larger systemic problem,” Combeferre muttered.

“Damn right,” said Courfeyrac.

Of course it was!

Lol @ Marius being Hugo’s “blatant self-insert NPC”. Poor Cosette, though, apparently the love of her life doesn’t exist in this verse. Unless the love of her life is Hugo except no. Just no. Or unless by some incredible coincidence there actually is a Marius out there.

Hah, who am I kidding, this is already Éposette for me.