Ok but true fact, if I ever have the money to make a Les Amis TV series, it’s gonna start with Bossuet and Grantaire in the musain, drinking some dodgy homebrew that R got from “some Lithuanian bloke I know.”

Enter Joly, who starts funking out about how unsanitary it is, they have no idea what’s actually in it, they’ll probably go blind or get some disease, and has that bottle even been washed between being refilled?

Cut to half an hour later, Joly is in the middle of the table, surrounded by empty glasses and bottles and everyone is chanting “WEEEE LIKE TO DRINK WITH JO-LYYY…” as he downs another pint.

Opening credits. Cool music.

And the morning after, Bossuet is stumbling home with a horrendous hangover, when he walks straight into a very startled, very freckly boy on a bicycle. He picks the boy (and the bicycle) up off the ground, and retrieves the boy’s bookbag. Who even carries a bookbag?! It even has the boy’s name on it. Hang on…. Marius Pontmercy… he knows that name!

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I’m not even gonna say what this is, you know already where this is going.

World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile / idiopath-fic-smile

Picture 1:

When he goes to drop off his lunch bag, someone’s written “FAG” on his locker in large, black letters. Presumably, in case he forgets. He wishes he had a can of paint. He wishes he had the energy to be angry about it, that he had a goddamn teaspoon of fire in his heart.

He stares at it until the warning bell rings, thinking, ‘At least they managed to spell it right.’

Honestly I don’t have much to say about this. *gasp* Idk, I probably would’t have even drawn this if it wasn’t part of the set. It just kind of depresses me on its own.

Picture 2:

“No, wait!” Bossuet looks very self-satisfied. “Eagle.”

“Yes!” Joly half-shouts, head bobbing with enthusiasm. “‘Eagle’, make it say ‘eagle’!”

“Yes!” says Joly. “Eagles are rad!”

Grantaire tacks on an S, and dutifully adds, ‘ARE RAD.’ “The people need to know,” he says solemnly.

Joly cackles and punches the air.

“Nice,” says Bossuet, leaning against Eddie’s locker. “Not sure it’s complete without a visual aid, though.”

“Ooh, draw an eagle!” yells Joly. He points a finger at Grantaire. “R, I
challenge you right now to draw the raddest eagle you can!”

“Rad as science will allow,” Bossuet agrees.

I wish the whole scene wasn’t too long to copy-paste here…

Picture 3:

“I’m glad we were here to witness this moment,” Bossuet says. “But, and I don’t think this can be overlooked, maybe he needs a

“You may be correct,” says Grantaire.

“Raddest eagle in history,” says Joly.

“Ahem,” says Vice Principal Javert.

Joly’s shirt is a variation of this. I can’t find the one I used as reference anymore. (Spoiler: That molecule is serotonin.) Also, I drew his hair more hobbit like this time.

Did I really just make a post without rambling at all? *stares at it for half an hour wondering what the hell happened* Then again the quotes are already too long.


Also from Takahiro Arai’s twitter, a picture of Cosette and Eponine making chocolates. The accompanying tweet notes that in this month’s issue, now on sale, Patron Minette makes their first appearance!

Éponine’s like “Secret incredient ♬”… By which, considering that she’s holding a knife to her finger there… and the creepy dripping heart shaped thought balloon… I’m pretty sure she means her own blood.

Éponine, honey…


Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day when women give chocolate to men in their lives. The men are expected to reciprocate on March 14, White Day. (more info about this custom [here])

So with that in mind, please enjoy this series of Les Mis Valentine’s Day comics from Takahiro Arai’s twitter.


First up, Enjolras and his HUGE mound of chocolate, with Courfeyrac, Bossuet, and Grantaire looking on. Enjolras is sighing, while the text in the lower right reads “His true love is Patria.” The accompanying text in the tweet reads “困る”, or “bothersome.”


“Damn you!!” Courfeyrac and Bossuet yell. The accompanying text is “酒だ!酒だー!みんな飲むぞー!! ” or “Wine! Wine! Everyone, drink up!”


Upon sighting Jehan Joly and Bahorel with their chocolate, Bossuet and Courfeyrac yell, “Traitors!!” Grantaire drains his bottle (thanks to @pilferingapples for catching my mistake! But does this mean that Musichetta only gave chocolate to Joly? *gasp!*).

How did Courfeyrac not get any chocolate, come on!

Seriously if you knew the kinds of fanfic ideas I have…

Latest: Fantine and fem!Courfeyrac as a lesbian werewolf couple, looking for Fantine’s human daughter who she had to leave behind.

(Why lesbian? … well, um… Well why not?!)

I also have this ridiculously adorable old draft about fairy!Enjolras and gnome!Feuilly becoming friends and going on an adventure together. But I’m not sure if I ever want to publish that, it’s like a story for babies. Idek how that happened. Also it’s unfinished like everything I do.

… I just like fantasy aus so much.


Jean Prouvaire, the (hilarious incompetant) Vampire Slayer

(and his Watcher Fantine – she had to fake her death it’s a long story)

“Demons and other evil spirits I can do,” says the Slayer. “But eight ninths of my friends are vampires and I will not harm them.”

“Suit yourself,” says his very tired Watcher, who just wants to go back to her daughter, not argue, not tongiht. “But your name is the vampire slayer, not hugger.”

"I do not let names define me,” says the one who calls himself Jehan, because it sounds cooler.

“Indeed you do not,” says the Watcher.

Jean Prouvaire, the Vampire Slayer Hugger

Les Misérables Manga: The Not-Scanlation 2.1.2


Sorry it took me so long on this part. Real Life has decided to pelt me with curveballs. 

Previously on Les Misérables Manga: Jean Valjean, now a marked man, returns to M-sur-M. While he is talking to Fantine, who should show up but Javert! Dun-dun-duuuunn!

Coming up: You know the song “The Confrontation” from the musical? Yeah. That’s this part, only with brick details that make it more upsetting and less singing.

As always, beneath the cut are scans, accompanied by my translated script, one line per speech bubble. If you want to see translations of previous parts or overviews of more recent chapters, check out my masterpost here.

Warning: This part has a major character death.

If it’s within your means, I highly encourage buying the manga and supporting the artists! There are a number of stores that import it or ship internationally from Japan, found here, and the art is even better and not scanned crooked in real life!

Preview isn’t going to bother taking this fight outside the sickroom:


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